Mind Cleanser

We all like to cleanse ourselves by taking bath. We bathe realising we have dirtied our body and we cannot bear the odor, the ugliness it brings about. But taking bath cleanses only externally. When we realise that our internal is also similarly nasty with all unwanted, negative harmful things-then we may want to cleanse our internals subtly too. What is the process of internal cleansing wherein our mind and heart is cleansed?? To know this, visit the below link. .


14 responses to “Mind Cleanser

  1. Hariii bol. Very nice one.

  2. A Pure and grateful Heart is the abode of the lord. cheto darpana marjanam …….. chanting of the holy names cleanses the the heart from all the contaminations and develops pure love for krsna.

  3. chanting of krsna’s names is the best mind cleanser

  4. Thank you for sharing this link, this reminded me of how Radhanath swami had once instructed me of the same through one of his letter. I need to put some sincere endeavors to practice this important teachings of Maharaj.

  5. Thank you for sharing this article.

  6. When i was reading this article i felt every word in this is full with substance.

  7. Vijaya Govinda das

    Hare Krishna. Nice one. Chanting of holy name of the Lord is the ultimate method for cleansing our hearts, which is recommended in all scriptures. As contamination from heart is removed, pure love for Lord Krishna will naturally manifest.

  8. meghana Vaidya

    chanting of the holy names cleanses the heart.Lords holy name is more merciful than his transcendental form.

  9. wonderful enlightening of not-properly-understood articles by the holy saint….

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