Why cant i forgive??

Everyone at some point of time must have got hurt either by some near and dear ones, colleagues, friends or others. To forgive them becomes very hard. We may want to forgive but it turns out to be a fiasco and we normally do not forgive intrinsically even after our hard endeavours.Why? And what would be the process to actually forgive a person not just superficially? I was thinking this for quite some days and happened to trip over the below site wherein a holy saint from the east whose origin is from the west answers to a question of a like minded person. I found it quite informative and worth imbibing in my life. Maybe you will also like it if you take some time to peep in….


5 responses to “Why cant i forgive??

  1. So true, very beautifully explained by the saint. Thank you.

  2. Naranarayana das

    Great this is the problem with all. we have to learn many things in life from great souls like Radhanath swami

  3. I also feel to forgive is very difficult. It may be done superficially but from heart to forgive is very difficult. However the saint has given right answer…”On our own, we don’t have the power to forgive……So we should pray to be relieved of this disease of hatred. We should pray to God for that power; we should go to saintly people and reveal our hearts to them and ask them to help us; we should try to cleanse our hearts through chanting God’s names and meditating on the Lord. Then Krishna will help us.”

  4. “One should not just tolerate all insults & harsh words but also forgive with peaceful mind” – Very strong sentence – by H. H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great website ! So true ,although we want to forgive people who have hurt us,but due to some reason we are not able to do so. Thanks Maharaj for guiding us with the right path of realisation.

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