Independence-Everyones unrealised dream

Every one wants to break free. Every entity of this world wants to be independent. But how much are we free from dependence.Nations want to be free from invasions.Fanatic religionists wants to exterminate other religions so that they can rule the roost.Young people want to be free from their parents nags. I was thinking, all are some of these we may be able to achieve. But just this morning i could not control natures call (this morning i noticed it just enough to write it here). Seemed to me like nature is all-powerful and yet i think i am of this nation which is the most powerful, i am of this religion which is the best and the like….My mind was reeling with these thoughts when i sat to browse the net…and you will not believe a site which i browsed wherein a saint of the hare krishnas addressed my confused mind.The site transcribes lecture of that saint but whatever i didnt care since it was addressing my thoughts….When i finished reading it, i thought “WOW”….i need to wordpress this and here i am sharing the link with you…..if your dream is to become independent, then click the below link and read what Radhanath Swami has to say…I bet, you are eight minutes away from being impressed by that saint.


4 responses to “Independence-Everyones unrealised dream

  1. Aditya Kaushik

    Real definition of freedom

  2. Depending on Krishna (God) is the real Independence !!!

  3. Nice realisation….pls continue sharing!!

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