My ambition was to become an Air Chief Marshal but….

I was always fascinated by cosmos right from my childhood and anything connected to it especially the spacehsips that were sent out to space. I was also fascinated by fighter jets and my first ambition in life (when i was in 7th grade) was to become an Air-Chief-Marshal (the highest post in IAF). To pursue it, i took the military school exam, passed it, and was getting my training in a military school. Soon, much to my dismay, i realised, NDA (National Defence Academy) was a political scumbag. I hated politics as much as i hated tomato on my plate. My ambition changed. And then i thought what if i achieve that ambition-then i will have some new ambition and then new and then new and then new and when will this end. I realised there would be no end to this. Why is there no end to this? I couldnt get a cogent answer until i saw this video wherein a wonderful saint with a beautiful voice, shaking his head while speaking, draped in saffron colored clothes is telling to someone the real purpose of life….Guess what, it got shot and is now on the world wide web. See it here…


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