Welcome to India I

I found a story of RADHANATH SWAMI in a good site which describes how a person who had a deep and strong spiritual yearning wanted to come to India to experience and learn its spiritual culture. The story is a heart touching and tear jerking one. A young boy who wanted to cross the borders of India at the time when India and Pakistan were at friction. He was rejected and rejected and rejected but his spiritual yearning was more powerful than all the rejections he faced. Pls read the story as it takes you through that persons saga of coming into India. He is now a famous spiritual leader in ISKCON. Acquantainces call him affectionately Radhanath Swami. If you like stories and this one is a true one, then do not hesitate to click the below link:

If you want to listen to a first hand narration by this saint about his this saga then pls continue to visit this site…With his beautiful voice, he will enamor you to his world of devotion to God. The same story you read above will be told by the person who underwent The Odyssey. Be in touch and happy blogging !!! …to be continued….


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