Welcome to India II – Radhanath Swami

I hope you have read the post WELCOME TO INDIA I. If you have or have not, i still invite you to this post which is nothing but an audio of the previous post. Sometimes audio-video listening is better than reading..What say? Maybe you wont believe me until you see and listen to this video. Take a look and see how a teeanger was subjected to much rejections but eventually he made it. After forty years of this entry, the most influential person in India met him when he became a saint and was doing good for the people of India, like he promised. Before i say who it was, click and play the below link:


2 responses to “Welcome to India II – Radhanath Swami

  1. heart will fill with tears if one go through this and knows what Radhanath Swami has done & is doing for u…..

  2. Radhanath swamiji ki Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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