Who is more productive?

I have always wondered about the office-goers who work non-stop for 12/14/16/18 hours a day or perhaps more. Money, which they say is sweeter than honey, must be the motivating factor. But then, how long are they to be motivated with that. If one insult is shot at a person by his senior at office, he potentially flushes everything to drain-Where has the motivating factor gone??

I have also wondered how spiritualists dedicate themselves for some cause with no returns expected. What could be the motivating factor? Jesus Christ, St Augustine, St Francis of Assissi, St Valentine, Mother Teresa and many others had an identical motivating factor which kept them going on and on despite the reversals they had to face. Reversals came but they were stronger unlike the office goers.

On contemplation, i could not make out why there is a strong contrast between the materialists and the spiritualists in their pursuits.
Here is a site wherein a spiritual leader of ISKCON by the name Radhanath Swami explains what actually makes one more productive…..It is short and sweet, yet has the sharpness to enter ones heart. Let me know if you have been pierced without pain by that holy saints words.


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