A person who has GOLD can only give GOLD to others.This site gives you information about many other sites where you can find insights, wisdom, realisations from a holy saint by the name Radhanath Swami. Hope you will like this site. Actually nothing posted here is mine but a reproduction of his divinity, realisations, wisdom, and purity which will also positively impact you the way you think if you read them with an open heart. Happy blogging to all of you..!!!


13 responses to “About

  1. very nicely designed and decorated for the ultimate service of sri Guru and Gauranga.

  2. thank you baldev prabhu for the encouragement

  3. Nice one prabhuji.

  4. Simply Wonderful Prabhu. All glories for your hard efforts to glorify our Sri Guru.

  5. Hari Bol !!! Hari Bol !!! Hari Bol !!!

  6. Nice article

  7. I appreciate this site very much…will keep visiting…

  8. Thank you prji for accepting this labor of love!

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